Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Easton!

My sweet little are the reason that I keep this journal. Three years ago today you entered this world and changed my life forever! I am so amazingly blessed by you and your spirit every single day. I LOVE being your Mommy, and you are so quick to show me how much you love me...what a gift! Until I had you I never really understood God's unconditional I have a better understanding. Your Daddy and I are SO PROUD of you and for who you are becoming. A few of the MANY things I love about you is your ability to share, your empathy (a big word for sharing someone's feelings) your deisre to help me, the love you share openly, your hugs and kisses, your EXTREMELY silly side, your love for our Church and your desire to pray every night for those you love. I could go on & on, but you get it. Who new an act of love could become such a huge blessing in mine and your Daddy's life!? We love you more than you will ever know little man, and as much as it drives you crazy, you will ALWAYS be my baby!

Love now and forever,


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Jow's Butterfly said...

Happy Birthday Easton!! Hope you had a great time celebrating 3...what how can he be 3???
Love you guys,