Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall photo's

A few weeks ago Easton, Matthew & I went to Red Rocks and then to Golden to watch Matt play football. We had a great day! The following weekend I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jan & her family in Golden.

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Tomorrow is Halloween, I just cannot even believe it!!!!

So, a few bullet points and some photo's to follow.

*September Easton started Preschool two days a week.

*The end of September Easton & I met Grandpa Ken in Florida and stayed in Daytona on the beach, went to Disney & Hollywood Studios, was able to see some of my most wonderful girlfriends, 3 from high school and one from my college age times. We had a ball!

*My little condo has been on the market for a third time, we have a contract & are now waiting to see the outcome.

*Easton and I have become huge fans of Mario games, and we truly love playing together!

My Dad moved to an assisted living facility on October 1st, he seems pretty happy, especially since my brother bought him a new recliner. :) He has come a long way since March and I am so happy to see him much more himself these past couple of months.

Mine & Easton's life is soon going to have lots of change. I would like to say I am excited but I am pretty anxious truth be told. Once the condo is sold, I have some decisions to of my biggest ones is where to live. I also want to make the best decision for Easton when it comes to choosing his next school. I know it will all work out, it always does. Just needed to be vulnerable for a moment.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He DID it!!!

For those that follow, I am sure you know by now that Easton sleeps in my bed with me. I have never regretted my decision, but I always wondered what it was going to look like when it was time to kick him out...he gets taller by the day and more often than not he kicks me through out the night. The up side is that he sleeps like a champ and he is always right there to snuggle with! :) Have I mentioned I love this kid?!?! (Hey, I heard that!!)

So, last night, getting ready to turn the light off, Easton says, "Mommy, I want to sleep in my bedroom." Notice I said bedroom because he has no bed. LOL I said, "are you sure???" He said "yep!" So, I laid down a few blankets, he grabbed a couple of pillows & his bear & rabbit, set his stars & moon night light on the floor by his head and he laid down. I said "would you like me to pray with you?" after a few seconds, he said "no, just a hug" I hugged him and said "I am right over here if you need me" then I walked out.

I barely slept a wink, with the combo of excitement that my baby made a big boy choice all by himself and the anticipation that he would be trotting in any minute, followed with, Oh my goodness, is this really it?!? I watched him get up twice to go potty (and yes, I said potty) but he traipsed his happy little butt right back to the makeshift bed his Momma made. WOW, I am SO PROUD of him!!!!!

Phew, I am tired today, but it is a wonderful proud kind of tired!! Each day brings new surprises...I am so thankful!!

I guess it's time to get him a bed. Although, I may be posting again tomorrow letting you know he fell off the wagon. Either way, I am one proud Momma!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Last night, on the way to visit my Dad:

E: hey Mom, I learned how to pee in the water today

me: oh yeah? who taught you?

E: Greg...he told me to go out far so no one can see my butt

me: (stifling a chuckle) is that right? you know you can just pee with your suit on (am I REALLY telling him this?!?)

E: I can?

me: why yes, yes you can, but please don't pee in our pool, okay?

E: okay Mom, I won't.

My baby is getting older and learning new things daily, if this were ALL I had to deal with I would be golden!!

SO, just after the "pee" conversation he said:

E: Mom, I know how to walk like a magician

me: huh, I didn't know magician's had a special way to walk...can you show me??

E: (holding his arms up with his hands at a 90 degree angle poking the air)

me: OH, you mean you are walking like an Egyptian...

E: yep!

Man I love that kid!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grand Lake

Last Saturday Easton and I took a day trip to Grand lake to visit the Anderson clan. It was such a blessing to see them all, including Leah's pregnant belly!! She was so stinkin cute!!

It was a wonderful visit, I really mis my friend!

Julia, Jonetta & Leah Bug

Playing in the woods

He really loved it out there

Julia & Greyson, what a sweet little guy!

Yummy Smores!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


where does the time fact, where did the month of July go?!?!? That means my little man is growing bigger & bigger every day, in fact from April until now he has grown 3 inches!!! And he is 53 pounds!!!

I love this kid so much it hurts sometimes. I want to see him have the chance to do anything he sets his mind too. I will do everything I can to help him grow into the man God designed him to be! I am not a perfect parent, but I love Easton SOOOOOO MUCH!!! I hope the love outweighs the mistakes I have made and the mistakes to come.

Just yesterday, Easton asked me if he could bring such & such toy in the car...I replied, "no, we don't need anymore toys in the car" (that was me being an anal, like to have have everything tidy Mommy response) after a minute I decided, why, I said "Easton, ok, you may bring such & such toy into the car", he came into the bathroom where I was and said "Mommy, you said 'no' and no means no..." I just about fainted!! All of the hard work is paying off!! I just got down & gave him a BIG HUG and told him how very proud of him I was.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here are a BUNCH more photo's of The "Barden" family reunion...(my Mom's side of the family)

Cousin Brynn Peterson
Uncle Lars Peterson
Birds (not sure what kind?!?)
Portrait of Aunt Tracy Rider (Messing with Picassa)
Me, Lars & Brynn on our hike up to lake Emerald




Lars, me, Brynn & Uncle Bob
Brynn Pondering...
Lars falling...LOL
James Wiltshire (Erica's Hubby) giving me the "eye"
Ted (Great smile!)
Super duper Sue
Cousin Nat
Aunt Janie & Nick
Aunt Tracy & Uncle Merrill
Brynn & Auntie Lydia Peterson
Alice & Merrill

My Mom's siblings (She would have LOVED this trip!)
Cousins (we wish all could have been here)

so sweet!

Happy Birthday Erica! (Still a bit confused about the coffee filter hat?!?)
nothing like silly self portraits!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Rockies! (Yeah, we lost...) 11-13

My Mom's side of the family came in to town this past weekend, and a few showed up early to catch the Rockies/Red Sox game...they are from Boston after all, and they did beat us. BOO!! I am actually happy that they got a win on their visit, but I must say I was surprised at how many Red Sox fans we have here in CO!!
Thank you Uncle Bob & Auntie Janie for inviting me & my little man!! We had a BALL!! (No pun intended!) ;)

Uncle Bob & Sue

My sweet Rockies Fan

Aunt Janie

Sue & Aunt Tracy

My Cousins Nat & Nick