Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gone Fishin

This past Sunday after church Easton and I headed first to Castlewood Canyon to do a little hiking and "fishing". (Daddy was in TN playing ball) Easton has a Cars fishing pole that has a little tire attached to the end so he can practice casting. He doesn't realize that he can't catch fish with it yet. LOL! He LOVES to "fish"! He does really well at casting too! We had a lot of fun until it started raining, lightning & thundering.

We then headed to Cherry Creek Reservoir and the weather was nice, so Easton continued to "fish" and then played in the sand for awhile.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful son...We have so much fun together!

Barden Family Reunion June 18th-21st

Tory, Easton and I headed to Lakewood, Ohio for my Mom's side of the family, family reunion! I have not seen any of my Aunties or Uncle since my Mom passed away in 1999. It was so wonderful to catch up & introduce them to Tory & Easton. Tory & Easton fit right in! The trip was much too short, but they will all be coming to Colorado next summer!! Wahoo!!

I am missing pictures of my cousin Josh & Cousin Ted...I am working on that!

My Cousin Jessica and I are one day a part in age...I am older. :) The other crazy thing is we got married one day a part (she before me) and didn't even know it!

Auntie Lydia & Uncle Lars

Cousin Erica & her husband James

Uncle Merrill & Alice

Uncle Bob & Auntie Janie

And the most wonderful Hostesses, Sue & Auntie Tracy

A group of us headed to a local market...we bought all kinds of fun food!

Uncle Bob & Easton playing hoops...Bob was giving little man pointers!

Sweet Denver, Jessica's 3rd kiddo.

Cousin Jessica in the pool with ALL of the kiddo's! What a trooper!

2nd Cousin Zachary being silly!

Aubryana & Easton...we were visiting Lake Erie. It was about 2 miles from my Aunt's house.

Aubryana, Angel & Bryan. Angel is Sue's daughter.

Tory chillin...he fit right in with the fam!

We are so looking forward to bext year!