Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall photo's

A few weeks ago Easton, Matthew & I went to Red Rocks and then to Golden to watch Matt play football. We had a great day! The following weekend I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Jan & her family in Golden.

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Tomorrow is Halloween, I just cannot even believe it!!!!

So, a few bullet points and some photo's to follow.

*September Easton started Preschool two days a week.

*The end of September Easton & I met Grandpa Ken in Florida and stayed in Daytona on the beach, went to Disney & Hollywood Studios, was able to see some of my most wonderful girlfriends, 3 from high school and one from my college age times. We had a ball!

*My little condo has been on the market for a third time, we have a contract & are now waiting to see the outcome.

*Easton and I have become huge fans of Mario games, and we truly love playing together!

My Dad moved to an assisted living facility on October 1st, he seems pretty happy, especially since my brother bought him a new recliner. :) He has come a long way since March and I am so happy to see him much more himself these past couple of months.

Mine & Easton's life is soon going to have lots of change. I would like to say I am excited but I am pretty anxious truth be told. Once the condo is sold, I have some decisions to of my biggest ones is where to live. I also want to make the best decision for Easton when it comes to choosing his next school. I know it will all work out, it always does. Just needed to be vulnerable for a moment.