Monday, January 12, 2009

Easton turned 3 & Uncle Scott came to visit!

Easton turned 3 on January 7th...where does the time go?!?! He got to celebrate 3 times this year! First was at daycare, then at home with Grandpa Rod and my older brother Scott...then we celebrated again at Erma's house with the card night girlies and all of their kiddo's...good times!

Tory & I had discussed getting Easton some goldfish...but Tory said "No" me being the submissive wife said "okay...that's fine"...yeah, my pushover husband ended up buying Easton a little tank, pump etc and 3 goldfish on his birthday...LOL!
Easton named one "Nemo" and another "Spongebob"...the third one went un-named and proceeded to die that sad...thank goodness Easton is only 3 b/c he wasn't really phased, plus he only named 2 of them. The story gets better though...apparently we were over feeding them and their tank got murky pretty quickly, SO...Tory changed the water that weekend, and proceeded to kill them both. to the fish store he went and bought 2 more (at 12 cents a piece not too bad) looks COMPLETELY different, he is almost white, yet once again, the beauty of having a 3 year old is he never even day he will read this and learn the truth..."LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!"

PLAYDOH!! Wahoo!!

Uncle Scott & Easton playing Wii (Boxing)

Easton was kicking his Butt!!

My brother stayed for a week and we had fun celebrating a belated Christmas with he and my Dad...I cooked my first ham dinner, and no one got food poisoning...thank you God!!

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