Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny stories...

Here is a picture of me & my girls card night girlies and ALL of our kiddo's!

A few things have happened in the past couple of weeks that I REALLY need to post so I can tease Easton (or he can tease me)about them down the road...

Last winter Tory had an Auto start put on my 4-runner. I LOVE IT and use it all winter long! (I am so spoiled) So, about a week ago I started the car from the house, and as I was about to get Easton in his seat I decided to put the key in the ignition (which I have never done before), I closed my door and finished buckling him in, closed his door and heard the doors lock...hmmmm....what do I do now?!?!
(Well,(Iam thinking) E is 3 now and he can unlock the door)
Me-"Easton...unlock the door"
E-"huh Mommy?"
Me-"Unlock the door"
E-"Huh Mommy?"
Me-(Even Louder) "UNLOCK THE DOOR!!"
Me-"Undo your seatbelt..."
my phones in the car...what am I going to do...getting frustrated and a hint of panic...
E-(rolls down the window) "Wha'd ya say Mommy?"
Me-(unlocking the door)"Nothing Easton...let's go..."
I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time!!

Last night I go get him from daycare, he is running all around Jan's wet grass just before we go. On our way home I notice he is chewing on something...
Me- "Easton...what are you eating??"
E- "I on't know.."
Me-"Where'd ya get it"
E-"My shoe"
Me-(Disgusted)"WHAT?!?!? There could be bugs or poop on your shoes...GROSS!"
Me-"What's it taste like??"
(Out of the mouths of babes...)

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Leah Hartman said...

tooooo funny! i love it!