Friday, May 8, 2009

Our one night in Vegas

On April 6th we drove from Ridgecrest back to Vegas and stayed one night at The Luxor. It was a fun night! We walked around, visited the M & M store, played video games...we had too because as we walked through the hotel Easton wanted to touch the games and we kept saying, "No honey, those games are for Mommy's & Daddy's" so he kept asking, "Where are MY games?!?" LOL! Then we finished the night off at the Luxor's hotel buffet...YUM!!

Our trip to CA...

Ok, so we were there over a month ago...with Facebook now, it is hard to remember to update my blog too!

On April 1st we headed to Ridgecrest CA to see Dawnell (Tory's cousin) get married! If it were not for Tory's Dad this trip would not have happened. "THANKS DAD!" It turned into a Flores family reunion...we had such a wonderful time! We were in CA for 6 days and stayed in Vegas the night before we flew back home. We were exhausted by the time we got back, but had such a great time...I hate being so far away from Tory's family.

Getting ready to take off! (He looks like a pro)

Waiting in Vegas to get the rental car.

Flying a kite at Grampa Ken's

Visiting with Grandma Sharon (Tory's Mom) Thanks for the wonderful dinner Mom! It was so good to see you, and Easton continues to ask for whip cream shots! LOL!

Easton experiencing whip cream shot's from Grandma...that sure was a hit!

Cousins: Vanessa, Cole, Cody & Daniella
Cayden & Easton.

Handsome brothers! Tory, Danny & Richard.

Cole & Cayden...too cute!

Beautiful Dawnell & her new Husband Rodney!

Cute Cousins!

It was so hard to say goodbye! But again, what a blessing to be there in the first place!