Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

Tory's Dad came out this year for Thanksgiving again! We had a most WONDERFUL time!! He is such a blessing to us! (And he spoiled us rotten!)
My Dad came for Thanksgiving too. We love you both SO much!
It was just Jen & the Boys! I loved it!!

My Dad giving Easton a dollar for his Piggy Bank!

Thank you hug.

Working hard in the kitchen.
Self Portrait.

Between Tory's Dad visiting, work (end of the year stuff) and trying to be a good Mommy, wife & friend, I have sure had my plate full! I am not complaining one bit, it's just that you really have to keep your priorities straight, and sometimes that means letting your blog go for awhile! ;) BUT...I am so glad to have a few moments to share a few photo's from the past few weeks!

I hope and pray you can slow down enough this Christmas season to reflect on this past may have left you beat up & bruised, or perhaps it was the best year ever...either way, God is ALWAYS there...He is real, and consistent and loves us more than our minds can imagine! Thank you God for the gift of your son Jesus!
Much love and blessings to you all!
XO the Flores clan.