Monday, June 30, 2008


I meant to put this in a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting. So, a few weeks ago I was making guacamole for Easton and I to share, and while we were eating it he kept saying, yummy Mommy! I was so appreciative of his compliments, I proceeded to say, do you know what this is called Easton, he said no, so I said "guacamole"...can you say that, his response...
"Guac-a-mommy"...just like that, I laughed so hard I almost had guacamole come out my nose!


Friday night we decided to switch Easton's crib to a toddler bed. I thought it was a great idea until that night after he had fallen asleep, I peeked in and realized my baby is not a baby anymore. That thought hit me so hard I almost started crying. Tory and I have decided Easton is more babies...I am 100% behind our decision, but boy, watching your little guy grow up can sure be hard on the heart! my friends who continue to have kids, I may have to come over periodically and hold your babies and get my fix!

Tory & Easton checking it out.

Now I am wondering...just HOW did Tory fit in there?

They just melt my heart!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spaghetti Factory with the Brewers

This past Monday we met the Brewers for their last dinner in Denver. They were heading back to GA early Tuesday morning. Spaghetti Factory was perfect for all of us! Afterward, Easton and I found a hidden treasure. We were racing up a staircase that went up about two story's, and at the top there were flowers, grass, a putting green, benches and little paths that went everywhere. it was so neat!

Me & Connie
Connie & Easton
This picture cracks me up because Allie is the only one
looking at the camera!

Tory & John

It was so great seeing all of you!! Your girls are just adorable!

Family outing to Belleview Park

This past Sunday we got to have a rare family outing and headed to Belleview Park. A few people suggested it, and it was a fun day! They have a petting zoo with cows, pigs, ducks, turkey's, and sheep. Easton mostly wanted to get into the water with the ducks, of course that was the ONLY area kids were not supposed to go! They also had a train that went around the property, and a creek that kids (and adults) can play in that goes through the property.
That was Easton's favorite part! We also did a picnic lunch.

Checking out the baby cow.

Daddy & Easton playing in the creek.

Mommy's turn.

Getting REALLY wet!

Friday, June 20, 2008


Easton and I are always singing...the 2 most popular songs are ABC's and Wheels on the Bus! So...I thought I would share Easton's version of ABC's.

Just this morning, we sang wheels on the bus the whole way to order for the song to keep going Easton add's all kinds of things like doggies, kitty's, makes it WAY more fun than your standard wheels and winshield wipers!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiny Town

My dear friend Connie & her family are in town visiting her Husband's sister & their family. Connie & I grew up in Miami together...we went to the same High school & the same church and have remained friends since! She called me Monday night to let me know they were going to Tiny Town on Tuesday and would love to see Easton & I, so, off to Tiny Town we went, and tiny it was!! :) I included a tidbit below for history buffs:

The kids were so cute squishing
into the little buildings.

A Little bit of history ....
Tiny town was created at the site of the Denver-Leadville stagecoach stop in a scenic mountain canyon southwest of Denver in 1915. That's when moving-company owner George Turner began constructing one-sixth-sized buildings with a turn- of-the-century flavor to delight his young daughter. In 1920 the town was opened to the public. In just five years, it became one of Colorado's top attractions.

We had a wonderful day of picnicking, checking out all of the buildings, riding the train, playing in the playground, and throwing rocks into the creek!


We heard that about 500 times from the little ones!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey batter batter...

Since Easton was just a little guy he has his most fun throwing balls...any kind of ball. He loves them all! Over time we have collected all kinds. His latest interest is to have me or Daddy pitch to him and he hits it and no particular direction, then he chucks his bat, again, in no particular direction. (Tory tried to teach him to "flip" his bat after he hit the ball, but E has converted it to what suits him!) Here is a video of this fun game!

I hope you all had a Fabulous Fathers day! Ours was pretty low key, which we tend to prefer. Tory worked in the morning...he is such a dedicated guy! We went to Bennigan's for a late lunch, then all crashed for a 2 1/2 hour nap! Man I love naps! Then E and I went to Mel Mel's park for a couple of hours and let Daddy relax. When we got home we played with balloons, one of our favorite indoor things to do. Nothing special, just try to keep them away from Tory, and don't let them hit the ground! Before we knew it, it was PJ time, and off to bed...a good day indeed!

Here is a sweet and very short video of Tory & Easton. Short because the camera ran out of memory...oops. :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Potty training

Easton has shown interest here and there, but I sent him to Daycare in a pull up today!!! He was so excited, and as of an hour ago, I got this e-mail from Jan..."We still have NO accidents!!!" I got so still amazes me what excites me these days! HA!!!
6-13-08 update...Easton made it a WHOLE day with no accidents, and even had a dry diaper this morning! WAHOO! I also learned that I had his pull up on backwards...apparently on the ones I have which are the "Cars" theme, there are little cars in light blue in the front...if they disappear, then you know your kiddo pee'd...whooda thunk!?!?! I learn something new EVERY day!

Trying out a spoon

This video was when Easton was a baby...I had to add it because I could! :)

New beginnings...

I think I am going to try out Blogging instead of journaling! It seems there are way more options on here, like videos etc, plus, it is FREE! That speaks volumes to me! I will add more later once I have figured it all out. Perhaps that is why I did the online journal for so long, it was extremely user friendly, and I am not the most computer savvy, but I am getting there!