Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here are a BUNCH more photo's of The "Barden" family reunion...(my Mom's side of the family)

Cousin Brynn Peterson
Uncle Lars Peterson
Birds (not sure what kind?!?)
Portrait of Aunt Tracy Rider (Messing with Picassa)
Me, Lars & Brynn on our hike up to lake Emerald




Lars, me, Brynn & Uncle Bob
Brynn Pondering...
Lars falling...LOL
James Wiltshire (Erica's Hubby) giving me the "eye"
Ted (Great smile!)
Super duper Sue
Cousin Nat
Aunt Janie & Nick
Aunt Tracy & Uncle Merrill
Brynn & Auntie Lydia Peterson
Alice & Merrill

My Mom's siblings (She would have LOVED this trip!)
Cousins (we wish all could have been here)

so sweet!

Happy Birthday Erica! (Still a bit confused about the coffee filter hat?!?)
nothing like silly self portraits!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Rockies! (Yeah, we lost...) 11-13

My Mom's side of the family came in to town this past weekend, and a few showed up early to catch the Rockies/Red Sox game...they are from Boston after all, and they did beat us. BOO!! I am actually happy that they got a win on their visit, but I must say I was surprised at how many Red Sox fans we have here in CO!!
Thank you Uncle Bob & Auntie Janie for inviting me & my little man!! We had a BALL!! (No pun intended!) ;)

Uncle Bob & Sue

My sweet Rockies Fan

Aunt Janie

Sue & Aunt Tracy

My Cousins Nat & Nick