Friday, January 30, 2009

Funny stories...

Here is a picture of me & my girls card night girlies and ALL of our kiddo's!

A few things have happened in the past couple of weeks that I REALLY need to post so I can tease Easton (or he can tease me)about them down the road...

Last winter Tory had an Auto start put on my 4-runner. I LOVE IT and use it all winter long! (I am so spoiled) So, about a week ago I started the car from the house, and as I was about to get Easton in his seat I decided to put the key in the ignition (which I have never done before), I closed my door and finished buckling him in, closed his door and heard the doors lock...hmmmm....what do I do now?!?!
(Well,(Iam thinking) E is 3 now and he can unlock the door)
Me-"Easton...unlock the door"
E-"huh Mommy?"
Me-"Unlock the door"
E-"Huh Mommy?"
Me-(Even Louder) "UNLOCK THE DOOR!!"
Me-"Undo your seatbelt..."
my phones in the car...what am I going to do...getting frustrated and a hint of panic...
E-(rolls down the window) "Wha'd ya say Mommy?"
Me-(unlocking the door)"Nothing Easton...let's go..."
I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time!!

Last night I go get him from daycare, he is running all around Jan's wet grass just before we go. On our way home I notice he is chewing on something...
Me- "Easton...what are you eating??"
E- "I on't know.."
Me-"Where'd ya get it"
E-"My shoe"
Me-(Disgusted)"WHAT?!?!? There could be bugs or poop on your shoes...GROSS!"
Me-"What's it taste like??"
(Out of the mouths of babes...)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas & Christmas Eve 2008

Like I said before, the next few posts will be a bit out of order...better late than never, right?!?

Christmas Eve we were invited to the Howerzyl's...SO FUN! We went to a family church service with them at 3:00 and the kids were all given glow sticks...why not candle's?!?! I guess they want to keep their new church in tact...good thinking!
Then headed to their house for an amazing turkey dinner and a night of gambling, I mean cards! SO FUN! Easton LOVES playing with Nate & Riley! Thanks guys for the invite!

Christmas was quiet around our home but was a ton of fun! Tory & I spoiled Easton but it is worth it (now I have new toys to play with!).

Wearing a bow...not as bad as when I grew up...if anyone in the family got underwear as a gift we had to put it on our head and pose for a picture...crazy family traditions! (I'll try to find a photo!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tubing in Frasier with the Hartman's

My posts are going to be a bit out of order as I play catch up!

So...Leah and her family flew out from sunny FL on Christmas night and we went tubing the next day...we were able to bring Matthew with us, and we had a wonderful day! (It sure was cold though...brrrr...)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Easton turned 3 & Uncle Scott came to visit!

Easton turned 3 on January 7th...where does the time go?!?! He got to celebrate 3 times this year! First was at daycare, then at home with Grandpa Rod and my older brother Scott...then we celebrated again at Erma's house with the card night girlies and all of their kiddo's...good times!

Tory & I had discussed getting Easton some goldfish...but Tory said "No" me being the submissive wife said "okay...that's fine"...yeah, my pushover husband ended up buying Easton a little tank, pump etc and 3 goldfish on his birthday...LOL!
Easton named one "Nemo" and another "Spongebob"...the third one went un-named and proceeded to die that sad...thank goodness Easton is only 3 b/c he wasn't really phased, plus he only named 2 of them. The story gets better though...apparently we were over feeding them and their tank got murky pretty quickly, SO...Tory changed the water that weekend, and proceeded to kill them both. to the fish store he went and bought 2 more (at 12 cents a piece not too bad) looks COMPLETELY different, he is almost white, yet once again, the beauty of having a 3 year old is he never even day he will read this and learn the truth..."LOVE YOU LITTLE MAN!"

PLAYDOH!! Wahoo!!

Uncle Scott & Easton playing Wii (Boxing)

Easton was kicking his Butt!!

My brother stayed for a week and we had fun celebrating a belated Christmas with he and my Dad...I cooked my first ham dinner, and no one got food poisoning...thank you God!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Easton!

My sweet little are the reason that I keep this journal. Three years ago today you entered this world and changed my life forever! I am so amazingly blessed by you and your spirit every single day. I LOVE being your Mommy, and you are so quick to show me how much you love me...what a gift! Until I had you I never really understood God's unconditional I have a better understanding. Your Daddy and I are SO PROUD of you and for who you are becoming. A few of the MANY things I love about you is your ability to share, your empathy (a big word for sharing someone's feelings) your deisre to help me, the love you share openly, your hugs and kisses, your EXTREMELY silly side, your love for our Church and your desire to pray every night for those you love. I could go on & on, but you get it. Who new an act of love could become such a huge blessing in mine and your Daddy's life!? We love you more than you will ever know little man, and as much as it drives you crazy, you will ALWAYS be my baby!

Love now and forever,