Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas & Christmas Eve 2008

Like I said before, the next few posts will be a bit out of order...better late than never, right?!?

Christmas Eve we were invited to the Howerzyl's...SO FUN! We went to a family church service with them at 3:00 and the kids were all given glow sticks...why not candle's?!?! I guess they want to keep their new church in tact...good thinking!
Then headed to their house for an amazing turkey dinner and a night of gambling, I mean cards! SO FUN! Easton LOVES playing with Nate & Riley! Thanks guys for the invite!

Christmas was quiet around our home but was a ton of fun! Tory & I spoiled Easton but it is worth it (now I have new toys to play with!).

Wearing a bow...not as bad as when I grew up...if anyone in the family got underwear as a gift we had to put it on our head and pose for a picture...crazy family traditions! (I'll try to find a photo!)

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