Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Flowers" for Mom...

One day my son will realize that dandelions are weeds, but for now, I will accept them as a token of his love for his Mommy. :)

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Speaking of flowers...this is a beautiful flower from my friend Melissa's garden.
Just beautiful!
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Easton & I had a pretty rough ending to our evening because he was to walk in and see his sweet Angelic face makes all of the hard stuff worth it.

Sweet dreams baby boy...your Mama loves you more than you will ever know.

Visiting my Dad

Easton & I had a pretty relaxing day, (until about 20 minutes ago) I cleaned house, he played, then we made chocolate chip cookies and took a bunch to my Dad and some to Miss Martha. My Dad ate 5 while we were sitting there!

He was moved to a more longterm room this past week. I was able to bring him the flat screen TV my brother bought him, and he has a recliner. It all seems to have made him more settled. He even gained some weight these past 2 weeks. Phew!

I want to get as many pictures as I can of Easton and his Grandpa Rod so he will always have them! That is DEFINITELY something I wish I had more of myself! My Dad's dad was gone before I was born, and My Mom's Dad died when I was a teenager.


Aren't they so darned cute?!
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I keep finding photo's of my Dad from WAY back in the Day, he is so handsome!!

The ones of my Mom are just precious, she was so amazing!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hiking with the Hardesty's

We have had some bizarre weather, not completely unusual in CO, but man, I am really ready for summer! Anyhoo, Friday night Easton received in the mail a pair of binoculars from a dear friend BJ, she has ordered a magazine for Easton called "In Your Backyard" a magazine geared towards younger kiddo's from the Ranger Rick series...part of the subscription were these binoculars, and boy was he excited!! THANKS BEEJ!!!! So, back to Friday night...I thought, if the weather is descent tomorrow, perhaps we could go hiking?!?! I called my friend Esther and she & her boys thought that would be fun, and it was!! We headed out to Castlewood Canyon, had lunch and sure enough, HIKED! Easton & the boys did great! This was Easton's 2nd official hiking trip. I think this will be a new fun past time for he & I!

"I see you!"

"Three little monkey's sittin on a log..."

Apparently trail markers are known as "ducks"...who knew?!

Looking out over the ledge