Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sweet moments...

Yesterday morning Easton woke up and told me he had to go potty...that is a MILESTONE for us. He is VERY capable of using the potty, but typically he has to be prodded, so when he volunteered, I made a big deal about it..."good job buddy! Mom is So proud! You are going to get a sticker for this!" When he was done, and dressed for the day, I pulled the stickers out and let him pick. He picked then looked at me and said "Mommy sticker". I said "I get a sticker?!?" He said "yeah" "Mommy pee pee in potty..." He was very serious so I said "okay bud, which one?" He picked me out a Spiderman sticker that I proudly wore for half the day! I LOVE stuff like this, it keeps me smiling ALL say! His vocabulary continues to grow and grow, and he cracks me up with new stuff daily!

This past Sunday we stayed in our PJ's ALL day. I was getting over some stomach bug, so we decided to lay low. I think we went outside (Yes, in our PJ's) for about a half an hour to get some fresh air, but other than that we were total home bodies. Just before bath time Easton had this huge burst of energy (can't blame him). So, he started climbing on the couch and jumping off. I caught a bit of the action below!

getting ready

holding Daddy's hand to get steady


Mid air shot

He hurt his finger when he landed

Looking to Daddy for some consolation

We are going to try to go to the Mountains tomorrow since we didn't make it this past weekend. I will take lots of pictures of the pretty leaves and mountains! I just LOVE FALL!!! I am also hoping to get our yearly family photo...I could use some prayers for that! ;)

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Becky said...

I love days like these!!! Sorry you were sick, but what fun to just BE - ya know? :)