Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pumpkin time!

Last Thursday I got a phone call from our wonderful daycare provider Jan, and she informed me that she & her sister were going to be taking the kids to Nick's Garden center for the Pumpkin patch, and if I wanted to come, they would love to have me...I was so excited...of course I wanted to go! (Thank you God for such a flexible job!!) They surprised me by dressing the kiddo's up, and boy were they cute!!


Dad said...
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Dad said...

Oh my gosh, those pics of Easton and the kiddo's are so precious. Loved the outfits. Looks like Jen had time to do extra on her pumpkin since daddy and Easton were taking a nap. Love you, Dad
Less than 30 days and I'm there.

JClayburg said...

I can't stand it. Easton is so freaking cute! I just want to squeeze him. Love the pirate costume! You always get such great pictures. What kind of Camera do you have?