Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family time.

Tory, Easton and I headed back to Nick's this past Sunday to buy pumpkins...Tory informed me that he had stellar pumpkin carving skills, and he was going to kick my butt with his design. I don't have pictures of the finished products yet, but when I do, I'll let you be the judge! :) Actually, once we started, we both realized it took a lot more patience than either of us really posess! Easton had a ton of fun helping us pick out the pumpkins, and he totally helped me get the slimy stuff out. When I was deep into working on my pumpkin, I heard Easton say..."ummmm...yummy!" I look over and he is eating the slimy pumpkin seeds...crazy little man! Here are some photo's from our outing!

Apparently pumpkin carving can wear a Daddy & his sweet boy out!

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lsprad said...

Such cute pictures!! Easton is so darn adorable. And I am pretty sure him and Austin have some similar genes--they are called "big boy genes!" Everyone always thinks Austin is much older than he is, because of his size--and I would say that by his pictures, Easton too looks like a big boy!
Hope you had a great anniversary!!