Friday, October 3, 2008

My FAVORITE season...Fall!

Tory & I decided to take yesterday off to have a family day in the Mountains...what an amazing blessing! Living in CO I tend to take for granted just how close the mountains are, and how majestic and beautiful they can be! Thank you God for your handiwork! We went to Estes Park, walked around lake Lily, then finished the day in town for some ice cream. We saw Elk, deer and chipmunks (one was munching on cheetoh's.) The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

I pray that in the midst of these crazy busy times, you would take time out for yourself and enjoy the things around you!


Dad said...

Those pics are so beautiful, wish I could be there during the change of the leaves sometime, they look awesome. Easton is getting so handsome.
Can't wait to see him and his mommy and daddy in Novemeber.
Love you, Dad

Becky said...


Jow's Butterfly said...

Hi Friend! Haven't made it up to see the beautiful glad you got to make time for that! Enjoy this, they grow up so fast! Miss you!!

Anonymous said...

oh my h eis so big.. and you look amazing! this is a nice site. makes me feel like we arent so far from each other. love you! amanda