Thursday, August 19, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes...

Last night, on the way to visit my Dad:

E: hey Mom, I learned how to pee in the water today

me: oh yeah? who taught you?

E: Greg...he told me to go out far so no one can see my butt

me: (stifling a chuckle) is that right? you know you can just pee with your suit on (am I REALLY telling him this?!?)

E: I can?

me: why yes, yes you can, but please don't pee in our pool, okay?

E: okay Mom, I won't.

My baby is getting older and learning new things daily, if this were ALL I had to deal with I would be golden!!

SO, just after the "pee" conversation he said:

E: Mom, I know how to walk like a magician

me: huh, I didn't know magician's had a special way to walk...can you show me??

E: (holding his arms up with his hands at a 90 degree angle poking the air)

me: OH, you mean you are walking like an Egyptian...

E: yep!

Man I love that kid!


lsprad said...

LOL!! precious!

marie said...

Love it! AND so love following life with you! ((hugs))

Monika said...

That is AWESOME!!!!