Tuesday, August 24, 2010

He DID it!!!

For those that follow, I am sure you know by now that Easton sleeps in my bed with me. I have never regretted my decision, but I always wondered what it was going to look like when it was time to kick him out...he gets taller by the day and more often than not he kicks me through out the night. The up side is that he sleeps like a champ and he is always right there to snuggle with! :) Have I mentioned I love this kid?!?! (Hey, I heard that!!)

So, last night, getting ready to turn the light off, Easton says, "Mommy, I want to sleep in my bedroom." Notice I said bedroom because he has no bed. LOL I said, "are you sure???" He said "yep!" So, I laid down a few blankets, he grabbed a couple of pillows & his bear & rabbit, set his stars & moon night light on the floor by his head and he laid down. I said "would you like me to pray with you?" after a few seconds, he said "no, just a hug" I hugged him and said "I am right over here if you need me" then I walked out.

I barely slept a wink, with the combo of excitement that my baby made a big boy choice all by himself and the anticipation that he would be trotting in any minute, followed with, Oh my goodness, is this really it?!? I watched him get up twice to go potty (and yes, I said potty) but he traipsed his happy little butt right back to the makeshift bed his Momma made. WOW, I am SO PROUD of him!!!!!

Phew, I am tired today, but it is a wonderful proud kind of tired!! Each day brings new surprises...I am so thankful!!

I guess it's time to get him a bed. Although, I may be posting again tomorrow letting you know he fell off the wagon. Either way, I am one proud Momma!


lsprad said...

awwee...this made me teary on this early morning!! even if he regresses---you still should be a proud mama!!

Life as a Mom said...

Thanks Lesley, you are so sweet...and yes, he did regress. LOL he slept with his Mommy last night and this morning said, "how bout I sleep with you one night then my bedroom, then with you, then my bedroom..." I said "honey, you do what makes you comfortable" the joys of motherhood! :)

I love you friend! (((Hugs)))