Sunday, February 21, 2010

sick kiddo

Poor Easton has been sick with 2 entirely different things 2 weeks in a row and I am pretty sure it is my fault! Just over 2 weeks ago after inviting myself to the Richmond's for dinner I was...well...bragging that Easton had been so healthy and that I was so thankful for God's blessings! You see I don't have any vacation time at work and I was convinced He was taking care of his daughter. Needless to say my little man has had a cold & a stomach virus. Poor punkin...his momma had to go brag and give God credit. What I am realizing is God allowed the sickness AND He took care of my needs. He is pretty cool that way!
For the record I don't really think Easton got sick because of me but I do know God used it to teach me a lesson.
May you be open to Him today. :)

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