Sunday, May 2, 2010

Visiting my Dad

Easton & I had a pretty relaxing day, (until about 20 minutes ago) I cleaned house, he played, then we made chocolate chip cookies and took a bunch to my Dad and some to Miss Martha. My Dad ate 5 while we were sitting there!

He was moved to a more longterm room this past week. I was able to bring him the flat screen TV my brother bought him, and he has a recliner. It all seems to have made him more settled. He even gained some weight these past 2 weeks. Phew!

I want to get as many pictures as I can of Easton and his Grandpa Rod so he will always have them! That is DEFINITELY something I wish I had more of myself! My Dad's dad was gone before I was born, and My Mom's Dad died when I was a teenager.


Aren't they so darned cute?!
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I keep finding photo's of my Dad from WAY back in the Day, he is so handsome!!

The ones of my Mom are just precious, she was so amazing!

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