Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Love, & Welcome Uncle Danny!

Tory's oldest brother Danny was here this past week & was so great to see him! He was here to compete in the Deaf worlds softball tournament, hosted this year in CO. I got to watch him on Friday. Unfortunately his team did not advance to Saturday, but it was really fun watching! Easton really loved hanging around his Uncle. It was fun watching the two of them interact. Danny has 2 girls, Vanessa who is 7 (she was our flower girl 5 years ago) and Daniella who is only one week apart from Easton.

Happy 32nd Birthday Love (It was July 30th). I have been such a slacker wife these days...SORRY LOVE! We went out for a Mexican dinner with Danny the night before Tory's birthday to celebrate, and that was about it. Easton & I gave Daddy cards on his birthday, but we FINALLY made him a cake last night! Here are a few pictures of my little helper cleaning up!

One more piece of fun news...Tory was invited by an "A" team to play in MI this coming weekend. This is one step closer to his dream to play professional softball. I am very proud of him! They will cover all expenses, and actually pay him a little bit. Can't beat that!

My Mom used to always tell me "you are so sweet while you are sleeping". I FINALLY get that. LOL!

Blessings to you all!


Dad said...

My grandson looks so peaceful as he is sleeping from the work out with his Uncle Danny. Bless his heart and bless all of the Flores Family, I love you and miss you! See you in October!

Jow's Butterfly said...

Happy Birthday to Tory! Jason's is on the 30th and we are just celebrating this weekend, so I understand! Hope it was a good day! Miss you friend!