Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cuddling, cartoons, choclate chip pancakes & Cherry Creek reservoir!

Saturday morning was lazy and just wonderful! Hanging out with my little man is one of my favorite things to do! After cuddling I headed into the kitchen to make us some choclate chip pancakes...a few minutes later Easton wanders in to the kitchen buck naked, holding his testacle and says "Mommy, I think my pee pee is having a baby!" It took everything in me to not laugh, this kid says the darndest things! I told him we would talk about it when he got a little older, and praise God that was good enough for the moment....

After we took Grandpa Rod shopping, Easton and I met the Hardesty's out at Cherry Creek Reservoir so the boys could play in the sand and on the ice...yes, sand and ice. Weird, but that's Colorado for you and one of the many reason's I love it!

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Monika said...

WOW those are amazing pictures Jen Jen!!