Friday, March 27, 2009

Dressing up for church.

Little man was so darn cute this past weekend...Tory was running a softball tournament and it was my Sunday to volunteer at church. One of the MANY things I love about our church is that you can dress casually and no one cares. I typically dress Easton in jeans and a nice shirt, but never really fancy. Come to think of it he doesn't really have many fancy clothes anyway (just like his Mommy & Daddy). SO...he says "Mommy...I pick my clothes..." A few minutes later he comes around the corner with dress cords & a Spiderman t-shirt...LOL! I said the cords are fine but back to your closet for another shirt mister. Sure enough, he picks a nice button down shirt. He was too cute so I had to snap a few photo's!

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