Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiny Town

My dear friend Connie & her family are in town visiting her Husband's sister & their family. Connie & I grew up in Miami together...we went to the same High school & the same church and have remained friends since! She called me Monday night to let me know they were going to Tiny Town on Tuesday and would love to see Easton & I, so, off to Tiny Town we went, and tiny it was!! :) I included a tidbit below for history buffs:

The kids were so cute squishing
into the little buildings.

A Little bit of history ....
Tiny town was created at the site of the Denver-Leadville stagecoach stop in a scenic mountain canyon southwest of Denver in 1915. That's when moving-company owner George Turner began constructing one-sixth-sized buildings with a turn- of-the-century flavor to delight his young daughter. In 1920 the town was opened to the public. In just five years, it became one of Colorado's top attractions.

We had a wonderful day of picnicking, checking out all of the buildings, riding the train, playing in the playground, and throwing rocks into the creek!


We heard that about 500 times from the little ones!!

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Jow's Butterfly said...

So glad you are blogging! I can't believe how big Easton is getting, it's crazy! That's great about the potty training! Cade has the CARS ones too...they are so creative these days :)
Love you,